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Supersize v Superskinny v ME!

“24 year old Gillian is in dire need of help, she’s starving her body with her dangerous eating habits and the consequences of this are serious”
“At 25 stone 6 Phillipa is 16 and a half stone heavier than a healthy weight for her height”

What would you recommend for each of these people?
I’d probably ask them if they’re experiencing any problems with their health but that would only be if I was their doctor – if I wasn’t their doctor then it wouldn’t be my business – actually if I *was* their doctor they’d be coming to ME with the problems they had with their health so I wouldn’t need to ask. They’ve agreed to be on a TV programme about learning to eat healthily though, so let’s assume they’re happy with us watching.

I admit here to having skim watched this and definitely skipped past any bits that looked like they were about to contain Gillian McKeith. I do get, however, that the programme involves a food swap, where the overweight person and the underweight person swap diets for a week. It’s an interesting concept, and if we believe the programme’s ‘happy, more near to normal weight people’ conclusion, it works. Bit of a wake up call to start off with then what I presume is a sensible eating plan for each of them rather than a diet to carry on with – I can almost go there.


Why do they have to be nearly naked at the beginning and so devoid of dignity? Why is O Fortuna* played over footage of the fat person (*Old Spice advert)? Am I wrong or are there more sizeist insults in the voice over for the fat person than there are for the thin person? Why, when we’re seeing what these people ate for the week, is it thrown down a ceiling height giant test tube landing with a splat and looking as yucky as possible?
There will be other things you guys will say in the comments no doubt but also
Am I very old or very forgetful?
When did people’s embarrassment, personal difficulty and pain and the attempt to work through and solve it become entertainment?

It’s well intentioned; I get that. The man in charge of the ‘feeding clinic’ where all this food swapping takes place is Dr Christian Jessen, seems to be a perfectly nice chap from all I’ve seen of him everywhere else. I asked him, via Twitter, how much of a food tube my food for the week (see below) would fill but he was busy answering other people who had proper questions 😉

If I’m going to be so delicate about what I watch then maybe I should have turned off at the opening credits in which parts of headless bodies are switched around, 3-brick-jigsaw stylee, to show a combination of shapes and sizes and all of them, ALL of them, have Action man and/or Barbie genitalia. That’s photos of real bodies with no clothes on and pre-watershed anatomical blur. NO LINK – try YouTube if you really want to see.

Anyway, here’s my food tube full of food. Very colourful, I think you’ll agree – you should always eat lots of colours, which is why you will see a Fruit Pastille-Lolly right at the top.



Changing Gloom

Being in process of changing body size, I don’t have much to wear (most things I own are either too big or too small) so I’ve been picking the odd clothing item up from charity shops and other cheap shops in a bid to keep me at least decently covered.

There now follows a rant about changing rooms so please stop reading now if you want to skip it!

You would think, wouldn’t you, that shops would want people to see how great they look in clothes therefore buy them. You would think that. Why then, are the changing rooms so horribly lit? Why do I look in a changing room mirror and see a witch on top of a potato sack? Why do I look all out of proportion in those mirrors? And, most importantly, why have I suddenly aged 10 years? – 10 years that disappear completely when I look at myself, wearing the same clothes, in a bathroom mirror. (I look fantastic in bathroom mirrors and this is usually why I spend so long in there. Sorry)

Latest outfit is blue TK Maxx trousers (in the changing room they were like the bottom half of badly fitting overalls, at home and out and about I’m at least catalogue-worthy in them) and a jumper that I bought from a charity shop just for extra warmth today and which looks great full stop – probably because I decided to just check it fitted but not to look at myself wearing it until I was safely in a bathroom.

All Hail the Peak-flommeter

Just a quickie!  6 days into the exercising regularly and achy me but look at what the peak flow meter says today!  Normally I’m doing great if I can clear 400 and it doesn’t usually go to something like 435 (which is where it looks like it is now) unless I have just taken Ventolin.


So I did me some stretches for the achy limbs and I have some isotonic sports drink (from Morrisons – 50p!) in the cupboard – the drink looks pretty dreadful and day-glo but I’m told (by a pharmacist) it’ll help so I’ll hold my nose and get some down.

Reminder! I’m doing all this for the British Lung Foundation (although I may carry on after January).  Please do donate if you are able and willing 🙂

Happy New Year!

I had a lovely New Year’s Eve at a party hosted by a friend and where we watched fireworks across London from the rooftop.  This brings me to the theme of things ending and other things beginning but let’s start with things ending.  I don’t want to keep this journal going indefinitely and will look to stopping writing in it some time in the first half of this year.  Things beginning?  I’m doing a challenge for all of January (hopefully can keep it up longer than that though) of eating 5 fruit and veg per day and doing 5 lots of 30 minutes of exercise per week.  I’m doing this for charity, for the British Lung Foundation and I’d love for people to sponsor me, join in and/or say supportive things.

  • There’s a page where you can donate here
  • There’s a Facebook page, which I and hopefully others, will be updating here
  • You can check up on me!  I’ll be documenting all fruit and veg eaten and all exercise done here!
  • I’ll write longer updates on this blog 🙂

That’s about it for now.  I’m  rewarding myself for good behaviour this evening with a scary film 😀

Happy New Year everyone!


December snapshot


I forgot to give this post a title

A quick update before I prepare to face the joy that is negotiating Christmas food without accidentally eating dairy (reminder: asthma trigger)

Today my smaller jeans, that I bought because my jeans were falling down, are falling down.  I seem to recall the belt I’ve been using is hanging from the end of the bed instead of around my waist, which might have something to do with it.   Downside of changing weight (in whatever direction) is not being able to wear clothes that I have grown to really like.  I look forward to weight stability in the future – in fact that would make a great resolution for 2013…

Stay around the same weight and be able to wear the maximum range of clothes FTW!

Success and beyond

I’m rapidly nearing the weight goal set for me by my GP back in 2010 and working out what to do when I hit it.  Concerns of an aesthetic nature aren’t going to get a look in – the reason for retraining my eating has been to do with health and should remain so.  One of the primary annoyances of being larger, for me, was that my stomach squashed my lungs hence worse asthma.  The picture below where I compare, with a tape measure, where my waist used to be and where it is now, should illustrate better than me just telling you that I’ve got more breathing room.  (Yes, those are Christmas cards behind me – we were putting glitter on them last night and they’re laid out to dry.)


Weight Watchers people have acknowledged one goal that I’ve reached since I started with them and have set me another that’s still higher than what I ‘should’ weigh according to BMI charts but guess what?  It looks like exactly the weight my body has most often settled at when I haven’t been dieting or overeating.  I think it represents a good point at which to exit and stop attending those meetings where I step on scales.  Probably also a good point at which to put the scales in the cupboard.

Some colleagues and myself are embarking on a health challenge for January 2013.  NHS has these guidelines that one should eat 5 fruit and veg per day and do 5 sessions of 30 minutes of exercise per week – well, a few of us are going to do just that.  I love the idea because it’s positive, it’s about doing rather than depriving and because, rather than a sponsored weight loss (which colleagues where I used to work tried to do) I don’t think it’s something that will do harm.   It still is a sponsored something, because we’ll be asking for donations to the British Lung Foundation so if you have a few quid to spare then please do donate here <-page only set up in a very basic way, I need to work with my 5 and 5 buddies to add more to itUsing this particular donation site because apparently the more famous charity donation site takes some of the money for itself!

Or… JOIN US! It would be great to have more people doing this so, those of you who know me or are seeing this via LiveJournal, Facebook or Twitter, drop me a message if you’d like to do it too.
I’ll be blogging, probably on a separate blog that I link to from the site, about how it’s going.

Sunday smiles to all reading this x